"the imagination has both shaped and been shaped by the spaces it passes through on two feet."


with Sunka- summit of Mt Kearsarge

Somewhere between the childhood of fascination and the maturity of awareness lies my art. Tuned to a different drumbeat, it was early on that my love affair with the natural world took seed. As a child, I collected twigs, pebbles, and feathers and lined them up the way most children display their prized stuffed animals. Although young, I knew inside, that outside was a world of information and what the wilderness offered was more than I had arms to hold.

As a naturalist, nature is not what lies beyond my door, it is home. My wanderings are meditations allowing me to tune in while tuning out. Sister’s knick-name, “Lewis and her dog, Clark, best characterizes my journey—I am an explorer, a wanderer, so don’t wait for me for dinner, I’ll be late for my hunger is satiated with the mystery and magic of the wild lands.

The natural world continues to shape my life--not only as my playground but also as an ever-yielding source of inspiration and spirituality. My art…nothing more than my own unfolding with eyes wide open. The gift of original creativity and the ability to call it forward from feeling to full manifestation is for me as organic as the relationship the wind has with the wheat field.