taxidermy art

This began with my own heartbeat every time I passed a dead animal on the side of the road. My "hunter-gatherer" father taught me a few things I had no intention of ever using. I watched, listened and learned and then tucked the knowledge deep into the spine of my book.

Today, I choose to bring his teachings and experience to others in a form of art, a form of utilizing both animals sacrificed for sustenance as well as those simply crossing our paths at the wrong moment.  I offer them, in all their beautiful spirit, back to nature.




We DO NOT under any circumstance support the abuse or killing of animals for sport, for adornments, or for art. As far as for food (and our need for it), it is, of course, as old as man. We cannot fight this fact. While unfortunate that our world has made it such a convenience to consume this cuisine, we maintain a respect for and gratitude toward all living creatures.